Cloudflare and your Website

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To explain Cloudflare, let’s first understand how the Internet works. Let’s say there is a website ShoutMeLoud.com hosted on a web-server with I.P “”. Now, when you type ShoutMeLoud.com in your browser, your browser sends a request to DNS and get the result “”, and that’s how you can access the site.

When you set up Cloudflare, you add Cloudflare name-server to your domain.

Now Cloudflare starts filtering (bad bots, hack attempt) all the requests coming to your website. There are few more things involved in between, but in short, all the traffic which comes to your site goes through Cloudflare, and it blocks any spam or illegal access, thus protecting your website at all times.

Do remember, when you integrate Cloudflare with your website, nothing in terms of technology changes.

Only the traffic coming to your website gets filtered. Here is an image which explains what happens with and without Cloudflare:


Cloudflare is a secure content distribution network (CDN) that uses proxy servers to deliver content safely and quickly from the cloud.  CDN(Content Delivery Management) is a distributed network of servers handling the traffic from the internet before reaching the original server to reduce the delay in web page loading.

Cloudflare is a network of data centers that acts as a middle layer between the website server and the rest of the internet for the clients who are visiting your website. Simply, if someone is visiting your website the requests are first sent to the Cloudflare server and then it will be sent to the server of your website. With Cloudflare, internet traffic will reach from domain to Cloudflare, and then it will connect to the host.

Cloudflare acts as the middle layer between the client and the server of your website. Visitors will be navigated from the browser to their site instead of going to the original web server all the traffic is now reached the Cloudflare server.

How it will help your Website?

  • Optimizing the website performance- Cloudflare will serve as traffic manager for the cached static web content, static web content is something that is not changing frequently on the web page like images, content, javascript, CSS framing. So by this, the major advantage is the webpage loading performance is highly increased. On average Cloudflare loads your website twice faster as all the traffic is controlled by the Cloudflare server before reaching the original server. This also serves as a filter for good and bad traffic (traffic coming from malicious sites, bad bots, SQL injections, etc.,). Cloudflare can be used for any website (e-commerce, banking, personal, and also blogs as well).
  • Threat Control feature available in the Cloudflare will give a detailed list of IP addresses which features the Black List, white list, IP range, and the country list for the attacks on the website. The IP address of your website will be kept private to maintain security. With this there is a feature of analysis about the page views, number of pages crawled, bandwidth saved, number of servers needed, etc.,
  • Easy to activate-If you don’t have any technical knowledge the best part with cloud flare is, there is no code to change, no hardware or software to install. Simply you can set up an account and choose which domains you want to protect.
  • Rocket Loader- Rocket Loader asynchronously delivers web content to the visitor and combines multiple JavaScript files into a single request to avoid the overhead of multiple network requests. This speeds up page delivery.
  • Convert from http to https:  Visitors do not visit the websites which are not secured. To make your website protected from all the attacks(SSL) need to convert your website address header from http to https(hyper text transfer protocol secure). Cloudflare will help in making your website secured.


Secure your Internet presence

Your website, applications, and networks are key channels for working with your clients and supplies. As increasingly more business is led web-based, guaranteeing these assets are secure is basic.

Cloudflare Security Solutions is a far-reaching set-up of items to make sure about anything associated with the Internet.


Cloudflare WordPress Plugin

Cloudflare’s free plugin for WordPress quickens page load speeds, improves SEO, and secures against DDoS attacks and WordPress-specific vulnerabilities..

The WordPress plugin for Cloudflare offers the entirety of the advantages of Cloudflare, with a single click installation of settings precisely produced for the WordPress platform.


Cloudflare is Free

Cloudflare is entirely free to get started, whereas other CDN services cost money. Cloudfront by Amazon’s pay as you go option, but still it costs money to use their services.

If you are a WordPress user you can have Cloudflare plugin for free which will be used to purge the cache manually or automatically whenever you have changes in your webpage or published any new blog post.

Let us help you more in understanding about Cloudflare.

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