Hybrid Mobile Applications vs Native Mobile Applications

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In case you want to get started with your mobile application development then we are going to get a question that which type of app would be good for my business or personal use. Before that, we need to understand how many types of apps are there. There are so many different types of applications depending upon the requirement of the business and the scale. In case if you are a company which one is going to suit for you or if you are a student which one you should move on to the application to learn

Before we get started with the nitty-gritty word of Hybrid vs Native Mobile application, there is one aspect regarding mobile that you must always be aware of. Mobile phones are very personal devices. So if we are building mobile apps for both iOS and Android users without the same perspective it is not going to work. Most mobile devices use one of the two dominant operating systems in the world and Google developed Android which takes almost the majority (approx 49% of the world market share) and on the other side, Apple developed iOS which takes almost 41% of the market share. These data are very critical and very important before we jump and start any kind of mobile application.

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Native Applications-

A native app is a smartphone application developed specifically for the mobile Operating system as if we want to say think about swift for iOS and Java for Android.

  • Since the app is developed within the mature ecosystem following the technical users and user guideline experience provided by the OS itself like the swipe gestures or any text alignment for Android and iOS .
  • Native applications offer the fastest and the most reliable and most responsive experience to the user
  • The app will have the look, feel, and consistency within the most other native apps which are built-in into the devices
  • A Native application has the significant advantage of being able to easily access and utilize the built-in capabilities of the user’s device itself. For example, if we have a GPS or address book or your camera. Etc.
  • Native applications are pretty easy to use or utilize those functionalities like camera or GPS


Native Applications



Hybrid applications are at core website package wrapped into a native wrapper sometimes PhoneGap

  • They look and feel like similar to the Native app but ultimately outside the basic frame of the application, they are powered by the company’s website itself.
  • For example sites like Facebook, Instagram, or Netflix it actually does not make sense to launch a native app platform or even to recompile their app for just one feature.
  • To recompile or add any feature to the app it is going to take a lot of time and also sometimes it is too heavy
  • Hybrid apps can also use native functionality like a camera on GPS but using some third-party plugins and a lot of code need to be enclosed with that.


Hybrid Applications


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