Which one is right for you? Native Apps or Hybrid Apps

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After knowing the important aspect that what exactly the types of mobile applications we have and what are the features that each of it has. Now it’s time to discuss how to choose between these types and also which one of them will work for you.

There are so many factors when it comes to choosing between native apps and hybrid apps. Let us see all the factors and scenarios for choosing them.


So if you are a company and you’re looking to get started with the app market it is going to be good research like you are already dominant in the web like Facebook or Netflix  and your content flows like insane amount then having a native app would be a tough decision, while hybrid app suits you more.


Do some research about your audience where your audience really wants to hit these, whether your audience is using android or iOS. Suppose if we consider the Indian market, we have lots of people using android phones. Then if your targeted audience is android users then you should go with your first launch towards android application. If you consider the US then according to analysis there are so many iOS users, so launch your application according to your targeted audience.

Android vs iOS


Payment applications are another boom to target with there are customers who use both android and iOS then we need to maintain that applications are available on both platforms. People generally choose paid apps in iOS. Due to the costing and benefits launching applications on IOS would be beneficial otherwise if it is crowd demand go for android applications.

Beginner / Student want to learn APP DEVELOPMENT

If you are an individual and trying to learn mobile application development also of you are already having a web-based skill then go with the Hybrid apps and then gradually with the knowledge of Hybrid apps you can learn native app development

Salary or PAY SCALE

When it comes to payscale, native app developers are paid a little bit higher than the hybrid app developers. Again this depends on the business requirements and customer needs. But considering the complexity and advantages of native app developers are on top of hybrid app developers.


If you are a non-programmer or if you are completely a web developer and now shifting towards application development. As you already have web-based skills definitely go for hybrid apps. Then you can start with projects. Hybrid apps will be very much suitable for web developers.

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